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    119 Val Dervin Parkway
    Suite 5
    Stockton, CA 95206

    The Animation Dome is a creative new toy that enables kids from 6 to 106 to create and watch limitless 2D and 3D animations.


    The Animation Dome (aka Magic Movie Dome) is an exciting spin on the classic zoetrope. The Animation Dome brings cartoons or toys to life in an amazing 360° tornado of animation!


    Demonstratable in the box with a head-turning “TRY ME” button that will sell right off the shelf. Watch video at top of page.


    This patented toy is a lighted dome on a spinning stand that creates mesmerizing animations with interchangeable cards and/or toys.


    The reaction from kids that have tried this toy has been ecstatic. It is truly one of those unforgettable toys that demand attention immediately. And endless expansion sets can be sold with new animations to keep the fun alive.


    Designed for inexpensive injection molding construction, this toy will be as profitable and scalable as it is captivating and fun!


    Invented by Les Cookson the creator of the LUCID-Art, LUCY Drawing Tool and ZOEFLIX.

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